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NCAA Eligibility Center has Increased Fee
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This comes directly from the NCAA regarding their registration fee through the Eligibility Center.

Effective September 1, 2012, the registration fee will increase to $70 for U.S., U.S. Territories and Canadian students (U.S. Territories include American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands); and $120 for  all other international students.
You are eligible for a waiver of the registration fee only if you have already received a waiver of the SAT or ACT fee.  (This is not the same as a U.S. state voucher.)  You must have an authorized high school official submit your fee waiver documentation online after you have completed your registration.  If you have not yet been 
granted a fee waiver by SAT or ACT, you are not yet eligible for a waiver of the NCAA Eligibility Center registration fee.

NCAA Eligibility Center Registration  
Online Registration 
The NCAA Eligibility Center has designed a website with you, the student-athlete, in mind.  This is where you will find the tools and information you need to begin your college experience as a student-athlete.  

To register with the NCAA Eligibility Center, go online to  www.eligibilitycenter.org and click the link to enter as an NCAA College-Bound Student-Athlete.  To create an account, either click on the "New Account" button at the top right of the screen or the cell phone on the left side of the screen. 

Note:  If you fail to submit all the documents required or if no NCAA school requests your eligibility status, your incomplete file will be discarded after five years, requiring you to pay a new fee if certification is requested after that time.

As mentioned in the NCAA Eligibility Center Registration section of the Guide, you are eligible for a waiver of the registration fee only if you have already received a waiver of the SAT or ACT fee.  (This is not the same as a U.S. state voucher.)  You must have an authorized high school official submit your fee waiver documentation online after you have completed your registration.  If you have not yet been granted a fee waiver by SAT or ACT, you are not yet 
eligible for a waiver of the registration fee.  

Below are the ACT and SAT fee-waiver eligibility requirements.

In order to be eligible for an ACT fee waiver, a student must meet one or more of these indicators of economic need: 
• Family receives low-income public assistance;
• Student is a ward of the state;
• Student resides in a foster home; 
• Student is homeless; 
• Student participates in free or reduced-price lunch program at school;
• Student participates in federally funded TRIO Program such as Upward Bound; or 
• Family income is at or below the Bureau of Labor Statistics Low Standard Budget.

You are eligible for consideration for an SAT fee waiver if you are: A United States citizen or a foreign national taking the SAT in the United States, Puerto Rico or U.S. territories and meets one or more of the following requirements:
• Is enrolled in a program for the economically disadvantaged (e.g., AVID or a TRIO program such as Upward Bound);
• Family's annual income falls within the levels listed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for free or reduced-price lunches;  
• Family receives public assistance;  
• Family lives in federally subsidized public housing; or
• Is a resident in a foster home.  

Note:  If you are a home schooled student in the United States, Puerto Rico or U.S. territories who cannot afford to pay the test fees, you must provide proof of eligibility to your local high school or agency fee waiver administrator/counselor. Only a school or agency counselor can provide you with the fee-waiver card for the appropriate test.  International students (students living outside of the United States, Puerto Rico or U.S. territories) are not eligible for a fee waiver.

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